Ninja Bunny


Ninja Bunny written and illustrated by Jennifer Gray Olson (2015)

There 10 hard and fast rules on becoming a super awesome ninja. The first one being that one must work alone. Ninja bunny follows all the rules no matter how difficult, but when face-to-face with fierce opponent Ninja bunnies sees the value of rewriting rule number one.



Hi-Yah! Ninja Bunny and his friends work together to defeat the giant bear. With a little practice, your little ninja could master the art of stealth and power as well… at least in the battle of hide and seek superiority.


This ninja bunny mask and nunchucks are a must have!bba6e78fce0d96e492a4983476d53dec


Make your own ninjas. Add bunny ears to make ninja bunnies.

And for a ninja snack, make a few peanut butter and jelly sushi rolls.02e72c367dbada7a9608552a587c7c5a

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