No Yeti Yet


No Yeti Yet written and illustrated by Mary Ann Fraser (2015)

Brothers go out on a snowy day to find a yeti. The younger brothers asks a lot of questions about what yetis look like, sound like, smell like. And even though a yeti is nearby the boys don’t see him while they’re playing in the snow. Then in a deep dark cave they finally come face to face with a yeti. They are so scared, the older brother drops his camera, and they run all the way home with the yeti close behind them. The yeti finally catches up with them and the younger brother invites him into the house for a cup of hot cocoa to thank him for returning their camera.


I wonder how close the yeti is to us every time I go outside to play in the snow. Maybe it’s just trying to be a friend. Next time I go out, I’ll keep my eyes open for one.

Until then, I’ll just look for some fun yeti related crafts and snacks.

Yeti Fingerpuppet (Cut felt and glue edges and features.)


Yeti Cupcakes (Vanilla frosting covered in shredded coconut.)030e8664070cfc195c7fb310b4852e39

And the Yeti’s favorite drink… Hot Cocoa!fb7eb36ac0ae24e34ccb41f3fec86e5f

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