Nobody’s Perfect


Nobody’s Perfect written by David Elliott and illustrated by Sam Zuppardi (2015)

The boy knows that nobody’s perfect. So what if he’s messy? His sister is too loud, his best friend is a show-off, and his mom is stubborn. But he realizes that he loves them anyway, especially since he’s not perfect either.


Whenever I think of the word ‘perfect’ I always think of Mary Poppins who is ‘practically perfect in every way’. But even she isn’t perfect. And neither are we.

Think about what the kiddo in the story saw as imperfections and have fun with those. What do you see as imperfections? Can you make those fun too?

Be Loud!60cf5ee481dc64efba6ae6bade3ad8d6

Show-Off!b3f537ce5bbec29fc559cae11a5460eeMake a Mess!307f2d92dc7a81f7251fce9dafa22adf

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