Not THIS Bear!


Not THIS Bear! written and illustrated by Bernice Myers (2015)

Herman is not a bear. But Herman is wearing a thick fur coat and hood to keep warm. On his way to his Aunt Gert’s house, Herman is mistaken for a bear by a bear family. In fact, they think he is their cousin Julius. They take him home to their cave. Herman tries to convince them that he is not a bear, but they just think he’s learned some new tricks in the city. Finally, one of the bears removes Herman’s coat and hat revealing the little boy beneath. They laugh at the best trick of all and let Herman leave the cave. Herman is almost to Aunt Gert’s house when another bear mistakes him for his cousin Bernard. Oh no, not again! Herman has to run fast to get away from the bear and to his Aunt Gert’s house.


First, let me say, I love books that have been revived. This wonderful picture book was first published in 1971. Now, a whole new generation of readers will love it as much as their parents did.

If you remember Herman, you’re going to love introducing him to your child or grandchild.

Have fun making your own brown bear with puffy paint. There’s an easy recipe HERE. BearCraft7And although Herman tried to show he wasn’t a bear by using a spoon and fork correctly, you can enjoy a bear treat without the spoon and fork. e9f907ef522464052c2563b74d8074f0

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