The Newbies


The Newbies written and illustrated by Peter Catalanotto (2015)

Luke is feeling a little left out when Mom and Dad are busy preparing for the new baby.    Then two strangers arrive at the front door with a pamphlet for New Parents. Luke begins to imagine what life might be like with new parents. They could play with him but they wouldn’t understand him or his history. Instead, Luke decides to help Dad paint the baby’s nursery after he gives Mom breakfast in bed.


Is there a new baby scheduled to arrive in your household? Think about how this is going to change your little one’s life. What can you do to help prepare him/her for a sibling? Here are some fun ideas.

It’s never too early to start role-playing with a baby doll.


Let your older child help decide which toys or clothes he/she has outgrown. Pack these up for the new baby. These are things your older child will recognize later and may be able to teach the little one how to play.5413278a6a524f2f5e6ea10a7e34e614 48853fe1a49413a088c50878dd36c855

And as your older child learns to read, he/she can share his/her old board books with the new baby.

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