The Night World


The Night World written and illustrated by Mordical Gerstein (2015)

When Sylvie wakes up the little boy in the middle of the night, he wonders if it’s too late or too early. Sylvie, the cat takes the boy outside where everything in his yard looks different than it does in the light of day. Shadows make things appear to be different than they are in the daylight. He see the flowers in the garden without color and he sees other animals outside at night. All the animals announce “It’s coming.” and “It’s almost here.” Then the boy notices the light starting to spread across the horizon. The clouds become pink and purple. The roses get their color back. And then the sun pops up from behind the trees to light up his yard the way he’s used to seeing it. The boy says good-night to the creatures which are leaving and runs back into the house to greet his family, “Good morning!”


Compare how familiar objects look in the dark and in the light. Take your teddy bear into the closet. What stays the same? What changes? Turn off all the lights in the house and use a flashlight to illuminate the objects in the darkness. Draw some pictures on black constructions paper using the same colors you would on white paper. Notice the changes in the picture.

Have fun with a flashlight and a colander. Project the stars on your walls or ceiling! 8ba3e9e2e70026592979581b5addfc4d

Make hand shadows. 1e0dc79cf8adb449a1c5804cf4fac00d

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