Outer Space Bedtime Race


Outer Space Bedtime Race written by Rob Sanders and illustrated by Brian Won (2015)

Earthlings tumble into bed knowing that all the planets are racing around the sun, each with its own bedtime routine. On Mercury the kids take steamy bubble baths while on Venus they have a bedtime snack of Galatic Goop. Before falling asleep Martian children bounce on their red hammock swings and the kids on Jupiter count their moons until their eyes grow too tired to stay awake. The kids of Saturn all sleep in the buff, but the kids on Uranus need to sleep with masks on their faces. And then there’s the kids from Neptune who sleep in crowds to stay warm, while the kids from Pluto line up and sleep standing up. And so with every alien child in bed, the Earthlings then must go to bed too. Good night!


Wow! The number of ideas on pinterest is astronomical! Here are just three super fun things to do with your budding astro-racers!




Personalized Rocket Ship              Solar System Hat             Glow in the Dark Rocks

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