Peace is an Offering


Peace is an Offering written by Annette LeBox and illustrated by Stephanie Graegin (2015)

Beautiful and Poetic! This picture book illustrates the many ways we can show peace toward each other. Listen to this example: “Will you wait when I’m slow? Will you calm my fears? Will you sing to the sun to dry my tears?”  And this one: “It’s a safe place to live. It’s the freedom from fear. It’s a kiss or a hug when you’ve lost someone dear.”


 This is a book that begs to be reread in the quiet of the evening, under the cover of a rainy sky, cuddled together, in each other’s arms.

Talk about the times you have felt at peace. Tell your child your own stories of peace. Listen to your child’s ideas about peace.

Then go out with a definite plan to help spread peace in your own neighborhood.

5fd381a79975f587daaf68c4fb02e91bFill a jar with ideas of things you can do to promote peace in your home, school, neighborhood. You can choose to pick one every week to do. Or you can simply use this as a way to record peaceful thoughts.

a8737d0a1fe6e5fae44aa95b67a71a1bDecorate smooth rocks with words or pictures to share with your friends and family.


Make a visual reminder of your pledge to spread peace in the world.

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