Peep and Ducky Rainy Day


Peep and Ducky Rainy Day written by David Martin and illustrated by David Walker (2015)

Peep and Ducky are lucky, lucky, lucky! These two sweet buddies build a tent in the house and then float their umbrella in wading pool. They have tons of fun until Peep’s Momma comes to take him home.


Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers will love Peep and Ducky. The rhythm and the rhymes are fun to listen to and the art is simple and help tell the rollicking tale.

What can you do on a rainy day? Build a tent like Peep and Ducky… Or go outside and splash around! Here are three fun ideas to keep the kids occupied until they can go back outside again.

Make some RAINBOW RICE to play with while it’s raining, then go out afterwards and search for a rainbow.d44f74c35bc095d413e51b510dda2c42

Tape clear contact paper or Press and Seal food wrap to a window and have your child stick colored cut or torn tissue paper to make a stained glass window picture. Enjoy it even more when the sun comes out again!116e6a9fe5ea4a78f971282e59ec6dbb

Play Balloon Volleyball, Balloon Soccer, or invent your own balloon games.3404aefa7cee1463f3f5c61e0a12e49d

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