Pepper and Poe


Pepper and Poe written and illustrated by Frann Preston-Gannon (2015)

Pepper loved life. Every day of the week, until a new kitten arrived. The new kitten ruined everything. Pepper just wanted to get away. But the new kitten tried to follow him and ended up crashing to the ground making a huge mess and scaring himself. When asked who made the mess, both Pepper and Poe blamed the dog. From then on,  the kitten loved Pepper, and Pepper tolerated the kitten.


Sharing common experiences forges strong relationships, especially when these two cats have a common scapegoat. The poor dog, was innocently minding his own business. I sure hope he didn’t get in any trouble because of these two lying cats!

This is an easy read, and a good reinforcement for teaching the days of the weeks, even if you don’t like the mischief-making felines!

Here’s a fun song we used in Kindergarten to learn the days of the week. Enjoy singing with your little ones!




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