P – Piglet Bo Is Not Scared!


Piglet Bo Is Not Scared! written by Geert DeKockere and illustrated by Tineke Van Hemeldonck (2015)

Piglet Bo convinces himself that he is not afraid of a mouse, a dark room, a deep hole, a field of nettles, or a roller coaster. But when he falls asleep in the woods and wakes up in the middle of the night, Piglet Bo admits that he is afraid of the shadows and he runs and runs until the sun comes up.



The art work in this book is so clever and creative! On every page there is an image of a wolf ready to attack Piglet Bo (which he doesn’t notice) and in the end it’s the shadows that look like wolves that Piglet Bo runs from.

Shadows can be the source of much scary or happy play for children. tracing-shadows-5 Picture 4 fc3803c302bfdb469a41522f144aee1d e58168dca982b0371ed1b9734485559b ade5e4ec9ae099898f1d65e456842ec1 97c0991310c07cceddff0da4bcd43bab 1f88e98c00f607357b142f0e9d4479f7






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