Pirate’s Lullaby Mutiny at Bedtime


Pirate’s Lullaby Mutiny at Bedtime written by Marcie Wessels and illustrated by Tim Bowers (2015)

It’s Ned’s bedtime, but he’s not sleepy. Papa Pirate enthusiastically guides Ned through  his bedtime routine… swabbing the deck, locking the treasure chest, and searching for Captain Teddy. He takes Ned into his room where his bunk is ready and the pillow marked with an X, but Ned employs the last drink, one more story, and escape from Davy Jones’s locker. Finally, Papa gets him into to bed with the lights out. But when Ned asks for one more song, it’s Papa who falls asleep!


Ahoy! and Shiver me timbers! Little swashbucklers will delight in the text and pictures. But, beware! This engaging story will have them talking like a pirate before you can say Jolly Roger!

Have a little pirate fun with some of these crafts and games.

Egg Carton Treasure Chest

602f3a78f5d07ebb9ea907ed8c3c2c90 Baby Wipes Treasure Chest51cdbc86008a89c907cd01b89c0fa568 Walk the Plank!053f9d6c83452bd5abd7efc2556228d2 Paper Plate Pirate913fc5aeeedeefbc116c2d8772ecc0b7

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