Polar Bear’s Underwear


Polar Bear’s Underwear written and illustrated by Tupera Tupera (2015)

Mouse tries to help Polar Bear find his underwear. But every pair they find belong to someone else. The striped underwear belong to Zebra. The flowered underwear belong to Bee. The I <heart> Mice underwear belong to Cat… Run! Finally they find his underwear… plain white underwear, he’s been wearing it all along!


The book I have does not have the red underwear on the cover, maybe because it the new 2015 edition for the United States. This story was first published in Japan, in 2012.

Toddlers just learning to use the potty will love this story, as will older underwear wearing readers. Parents included!

Download your own Potty Charts to reward your child for using the potty.


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