Prince of a Frog


Prince of a Frog written and illustrated by Jackie Urbanovic (2015)

Hopper loves to splash in the pond, croon tunes, and kick like a pro. But the other pond animals don’t seem to understand him. Then an old turtle tells him that he may not be a frog after all. He might be a prince who has been turned into a frog, and that only the kiss of a princess would turn him back into a prince who is charming, brave, and loved. So Hopper leaves the pond in search of a princess, which is harder than it sounds. But he does find a great puppy friend who loves to play kickball and howl in harmony. And best of all, her name is Princess! Princess gives Hopper a big sloppy kiss but he doesn’t turn into a Prince. Hopper is sad until Princess tells him, he is already charming, brave, and loved. Now Hopper knows he is a prince of a frog with a loyal best friend!


I love the play on words scattered throughout this story. And the illustrations are adorable.

After you’ve read it with your child, be sure to take a few minutes to be a frog too.


Leap Frog
35cc41acdff112a27295269253a59ab1Count Forward or Backward

Or mix up the numbers on the floor and have your child hop from one to another in order.

Measure how far you can jump using a tape measure. Measure in inches and centimeters to expand your child’s working knowledge. 0b8f93f5bd0fa8c728f6ab10b520be4a

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