P – The Perfect Job for an Elephant


The Perfect Job for an Elephant written by Jodie Parachini and illustrated by Caroline Pedler (2015)

Elsie wanted a job. Her mommy helped her think of things she enjoyed as a way of finding the perfect job. Elsie loved food, but being a chef was not a good job for her because she ate everything she made. Elsie liked to toot her trunk, but she was too loud to play music with the birds. Elsie enjoyed making things, but she was too clumsy to work in the flamingo’s pottery studio. Just when it seemed like there was nothing she could do, she found out that she was the perfect firefighter when the Snack Shake caught on fire and she used her trunk to spray water on the fire.


This story helps children think about what skills they might have that would lead to a future occupation or even just a hobby they enjoy doing. Children who are encouraged to try new things, find many things they enjoy. What new things will you introduce your child to in the days to come?

Not everything has to come as a packaged deal, class, or event. You don’t need to sign up for ballet class, swim lessons, or art school to explore all these areas and many more. Trips to museums, parks, libraries, and activity centers can be just as enjoyable and open a world of possibilities for your child.

Maybe start with a trip to a fire station and see what Elise the Elephant’s friends do every day. 965e13ea9d86e40d153b8492291da202 3b9f970cb5313cc16ff8a05e88889fb3 2d71c2f21b4f508a352bbd668d270cfd

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