The Potato King


The Potato King written and illustrated by Christoph Niemann (2015)

Myth, Legend, or Truth? This is the story of King Frederick, also known as Fritz who brought the potato from South America to his homeland, Prussia to protect his people against famine. The people did not want to be forced to grow this crop and so refused. So the king had a garden planted in his own fields and ordered his guards to protect the fields during the day. When the people saw the soldiers guarding the crop they thought it must be more valuable than they had thought. So a night, the people would sneak into the gardens to steal potato plants for their own gardens. And this is how Fritz tricked his people into planting potatoes for themselves. Today, hundreds of years after his death, the people still lay potatoes on his grave to honor King Fritz.


A myth, a little bit of history? Whatever you think, this is a great little story to share with your kids. Add to that the amazing potato prints used to illustrate the pages, and your kids will be begging for potatoes!

So of course, I’m going to recommend a few hearty potato recipes.

Baked Garlic Parmesan Potato Wedges038340bf46df2352a3c8a8f59740b4b6

Potato Soup9260dca0906737ea3c6c94058c2bc870

Extra Crispy Oven Baked French Fries aa7cdc5f444f0b425e037c63a08384ca And for fun… illustrate your own pictures with potato stamps like those in the story!

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