P – The Princess and the Pony


The Princess and the Pony written and illustrator Kate Beaton (2015)

Princess Pinecone is the smallest warrior in the kingdom. For her birthday, Princess Pinecone asks for a big, strong, warrior’s horse. Instead, she got a little, round horse that ate things it shouldn’t and farted too much. Still, Princess Pinecone tried to train her horse to be a real warrior horse. On the day of the great battle, Princess Pinecone waited on the sidelines waiting for a good time to join in. Then all the of sudden, the meanest warrior of all came right at her, and stopped to pet her cute little pony. Soon all the warriors stopped fighting and came to pet her cuddly little pony. Princess Pinecone learned that even the biggest, meanest, warriors have a soft side. So she gave them all cozy sweaters and they voted her the Most Valuable Warrior of the day!


Everyone has a soft side, even warriors. Take your little ones and cuddle up with this lovable pair of cutie pies.

Then stage a battle of your own. A funny, sweet, battle. Pile up the pillows and cushions to build your forts. Line up your stuffed warriors. And grab your weapons…



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