The Queen’s Hat


The Queen’s Hat written and illustrated by Steve Antony (2015)

One day as the Queen was leaving Buckingham Palace, the wind whipped her hat off her head. The hat whooshed over her head and the heads of all the Queen’s men who hurried after it. The wind swooped the hat over all the major landmarks in London including the London Zoo, The Tower Bridge, Big Ben, and Kensington Palace. When the wind finally calms, the Queen and all her men drift back down to the ground and the hat settles in a carriage on a baby’s head. Then the Queen retrieves her hat and proceeds to take the baby for a walk.



The art work in this book is all done in black and white and red. The reader is taken on a tour of London following the Queen hat. There is more information about all of the landmarks in the book on the last page for those who really want to know more about the real locations.

Play a little game of London Bridge is Falling Down. 62b9c656daca96b6d0e208c1ec60b228

Make a copy of Big Ben with moveable hands to practice telling time.2fd10b6ecdc56d283104a46f99e3fbdf

Here’s a cute British Guard with a pom-pom hat. Make one then have a staring contest, remember the Queen’s Guards are not allowed to smile while on duty. dae53106aad59f513c36493ea380de2c


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