Red: A Crayon’s Story written and illustrated by Michael Hall (2015)

Red, was a crayon with a minor problem. No matter how hard he tried, nothing he colored turned out red. Scarlet encouraged him to copy her, but he really couldn’t do it. Yellow offered to help him draw a big beautiful orange, but it came out looking a little green. As a matter of fact, everyone seemed to have an opinion… none of which helped in the least. Even with help from his friends, Red still came out blue. But one day he met someone new. Berry accepted Red for who he was on the inside. ¬†Red made a beautiful blue ocean for Berry’s boat. And he didn’t stop with that, he also made bluebells, blue jeans, blue birds, and a blue whale. He was so happy to be blue, and so was everyone else!


Explore the color wheel.

Help your child discover the joys of color mixing.

What can you make?


Color Science


Color Mixing


Walking Water Science Experiment


Dropper Painting

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