R – Roar!


Roar! written by Tammi Sauer and illustrated by Liz Starin (2015)

When the boy puts on his dragon outfit he roars, “Look at me! I am a big dragon!” But then he hears two dragons who tell him he is not big, fierce, or scary. They tell him, he is cute. The boy is disheartened and begins to cry, wail really. The dragons comfort him by reminding him of all the things that he can do because he is a boy. This in turn makes the dragons feel bad that they cannot do the things that the boy can do, and they begin to wail! Finally, they all find things that they all like doing and realize that they are not just two dragons and a boy, they are friends.


A boy with a great imagination, pretends to be a dragon, but realizes he is still a boy… who can be friends with two dragons.

Forging friendships from unlikely sources… this story of a boy and two dragons will warm your heart. It reminds us to look for things we have in common rather than things that make us different.

D is for Dragon!


Make your own dragon props with a few simple things.

Head and Back Scales 990a8ba3d619e279585c7d36b979f635

Add a nose and mouth to blow fire!c72a097892ded3742ea789f5624a35bf

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