Rodeo Red


Rodeo Red written by Maripat Perkins and illustrated by Molly Idle (2015)

Rodeo Red’s best friend is her hound, Rusty. They spent every minute together until Sideswiping Slim showed up. Slim was nothing but trouble. He grew and grew and the trouble grew and grew. Rodeo Red tried to show Slim his boundaries, but Slim busted out. Then one day, Rusty went missing. Rodeo Red knew exactly where to look. There he was in clutches of that Sideswiping Slim and there was nothing she could do about it. Until, a package came for Red. Aunt Sal sent her a sissified fussy varmint. Red knew just what to do… she showed that critter to Slim. And just like that, Slim traded it to get her best friend Rusty back.


This story, with its rich cowboy language, is sure to hustle up the spirit of the wide open range with your little ones. Be prepared to have a cowboy lunch and some fun activities planned after reading.

Take a look at these easy to wrangle treats.

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Cowboy Beanscdc2eabd9840707336210f6add3c6fa7

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