The Red Apple


The Red Apple written and illustrated by Feridun Oral (2015)

Rabbit is hungry and he spots a single apple hanging from a tree. The apple is too high for him to reach so he asks Mouse to climb the tree for him and get the apple down. Mouse is afraid because he is so small. They ask Fox for help, but Fox is too sick to help. Bear is too old to climb the tree. But they worked together and climbed on each other’s shoulders. Mouse was just about to reach the apple when Fox sneezed and the apple falls from the tree. The four friends share the apple and go back to sleep in Bear’s den, warm and full.


This book was first published in 2008 in Turkey. I’m so happy that it was translated and published for North American readers this year.

What a sweet story about friendship and teamwork!

There are so many fun and easy apple crafts and snacks, picking one won’t be easy!

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Make some Apple Cider Playdough.4-Playdough-Recipes-for-Fall

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