S – Sad, the Dog


Sad, the Dog written by Sandy Fussell and illustrated by Tull Suwannakit (2015)

Sad was a little dog who was given to a cranky old couple who didn’t want him. They didn’t even name him, so he called himself Sad. They yelled and shouted when Sad dug in the garden, barked, and tore up newspapers. Then one day they moved away leaving Sad behind. The next day a family with a little boy moved into the house. The boy loved Sad. He fed him and named him Lucky. No one yelled or shouted when they dug in the garden, barked, or chased paper airplanes. Lucky knew he’d never be Sad again.


Kids will adore Sad. You know they’ll love his puppy antics and feel bad when he gets yelled at. They will rejoice when the boy takes care of him. And they will agree that he is indeed, Lucky!

Talk about what makes them feel lucky. This would be a good Thanksgiving activity to help little ones count their blessings. 8da9d46f9c1ab5f1eea20c2ef43af8ff

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