Sardines of Love


Sardines of Love written and illustrated by Zurine Aguirre (2015)

Grandfather Lolo loved sardines. Grandmother Lola hated sardines. Lolo would fish for sardines off the dock or from his boat. Jeff the octopus was always close by. And even though Lola hated sardines, she would cook them up every day for Lolo because he loved them and she loved him. Then one day Lola realized she didn’t have any sardines for Lolo’s dinner so she went to the dock to fish. But instead of catching sardines she caught Jeff, the octopus. Or at least he caught her. Jeff swallowed Lola whole. Surprisingly, Jeff’s belly was just like a little house and Lola was quite safe there. The only problem was that there was no food in Jeff’s belly except sardines. Finally, Lola ate a sardine, then another, and another. Lola began to like the taste of sardines, but she still missed Lolo. In the meantime, Lolo came home and found Lola missing. He was so sad he began to cry. He cried and cried, and soon he began to float in his own tears. Eventually, his tears carried him to the ocean where he was swallowed up by Jeff also. Now Lolo was in Jeff’s belly with Lola. And even though they couldn’t get out, they lived happily together because they had each other and all the sardines they could eat!


Sardines, you either love them or you hate them! I remember eating canned sardines on saltine crackers with my father, so I’m on Team Sardine. Then again, I also love anchovies!

If your child has never eaten a sardine, try to serve it without commentary and see what opinion they form for themselves. You might be surprised!

I’ve never seen sardine paper clips; but when I found these I not only thought they were super cute, but they would be a lot of fun to catch with a magnet on a fishing rod (pencil or stick).

efef88f6bbe2b0422e50e9c544a7e3d7 And if you can’t find the sardine paper clips, you could make your own fishing game with regular paper clips attached to paper fish and a magnet attached to a popsicle stick fishing rod like this one.2096bfd62268c0df2d6fc46949a0c29a

Another fun game of course is Go Fish. You can play with any regular deck of cards, or you could make your own to practice any skill you want… color matching, upper and lower alphabet letter matching, sums or differences, sight words etc…aa108da24af0523a397341d004c27778 d77e088af955014acbdc373add6e460c 07d86da3d61092ceadd698a4cd822f75 10f5fb8ec5221fedbf601cbc93ac1549

Sardines (Super Foods)

Try them with Sun Dried Tomatoes, on Bruschetta with Avocado, or on a Plain Cracker with Lemon.


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