Seaver the Weaver


Seaver the Weaver written by Paul Czajak and illustrated by The Brothers Hilts (2015)

Seaver was born on a moonlit night. He and his many brothers and sisters were orb spiders and so they began spinning their webs. Seaver was inspired by the patterns of the stars in the sky. Every night he made a new and unique shaped web. His brothers and sisters insisted that he make orb webs like them, but Seaver was never inspired by the orb shape. He was proud of his pointy, edgy, angular webs so he continued to make his unique webs which caught several ‘guests’ over the course of many nights. Eventually, his many brothers and sisters (who had not been so lucky in catching insects) agreed that Seaver’s webs were marvelous and begged him to teach them how to make shapes for themselves.


I love, love, love this story! Not only is Seaver a unique webmaster, he is also kind to his brothers and sisters who insist that he change. Now, Seaver did not change, but his brothers and sisters did!

Have fun making your own spiders and webs… feel free to make any design you want!

Pipe Cleaner Spiders


Sticky Spider’s Web


If you have cork bottom coasters or an old cork bulletin board you can have your kids design their own webs with tacks for the points and yarn for the web. 4d4ae363e120b2de2c8f16df91d37452

And this one is simply because it made me laugh! a63681f6a392212d4f61bd7f75564aa0

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