Sing A Season Song


Sing A Season Song written by Jane Yolen and illustrated by Lisel Jane Ashlock (2015)

This poem goes through the four seasons beginning in winter and ending with the next winter season. Each season savors the natural course of things and then ‘it’s gone’. Animals, plants, and children frolic through the year. The beautiful artwork compliments the lyrical language of the seasons.



You’ll want to re-read each page and let your tongue play with each word. Then spend an extra moment to let your eyes feast on each image. You’re going to love the beautiful marriage of text and illustrations.

Share this one right away!


Art for Pre-K and K cf73da7d8a88985902b0ccfc0e5cdb35

Art for 1st – 3rd Gradefad64d398ca2926bb2eaae89d670b32b

And for the buddy poets, create a word bank for each season and play with the words, rhymes, and rhythms. Of course this is a great excuse to re-read this book for every passing season. 7abec6f5fde4f7404d239a00a0865e6a


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