Sniff! Sniff!


Sniff! Sniff! written and illustrated by Ryan Sias (2015)

Follow along as this canine companion finds new scents. See what he smells and predict where he’s headed next. At the end of the morning, he definitely needs a bath. After all the dirt and smells have been scrubbed off the only thing left for him to sniff is his boy.


This is a great book to read when talking about the 5 senses, particularly the sense of smell. Talk about good and bad scents. Which scents make you feel happy, sad, frightened, disgusted, excited?

Have some fun with your sniffer today!

Identify a smell by matching it to a picture.


Or take a blindfolded smell test.The Sense of Smell

Match two scents to each other. These bottles were made by dropping oils or extract on cotton balls, but if you have dark containers (or line these with black paper) you could put anything you want inside.


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