Snowman’s Story


Snowman’s Story written and illustrated by Will Hillenbrand (2014)

Will Hillenbrand has written a wordless picture book with the most delightful illustrations. The magic is in the artwork. The snowman comes alive on the pages and the interaction between him and the forest animals is whimsical and true. Even the ‘villain’ Rabbit, who steals the book and runs away with it, is lovable for his desire in wanting to share the Snowman’s story with his children.

I love the artwork and the warmth of the story. And I love the duality of the title. There is the story of a snowman who reads his friends a bedtime story and chases down a rabbit who steals his book, and then there’s the story that the snowman reads from the book, both are the Snowman’s Story. Well done!


For a treat, enjoy the book trailer below.


After reading you might enjoy making snow with your little ones. Try this recipe for SHIVERY SNOW PAINT from Growing a Jeweled Rose and see if you can breathe life into a snowman of your own. Once it’s dry and decorated, I’ll bet you can imagine more adventures for Snowman and his friends.

the snow

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