Sock Monkey Takes a Bath


Sock Monkey Takes a Bath written and illustrated by Cece Bell (2015)

Sock Monkey is very excited to get an invitation to the Oswald Awards for Toys until he reads the last line, “Nominees Must be Clean.” Oh no! Sock Monkey had never had a bath in his entire life… never! Now he was worried that a bath might ruin him. His friends Miss Bunn, Froggie, and Blue Pig help him get cleaned up for the awards show. Finally, clean and dressed in a tux, Sock Monkey waits to hear who would win the award for Best Supporting Toy in a Movie. But it wasn’t him. The winner was Jack-in-the Box. Sock Monkey was disappointed, but he celebrated Jack’s success. Then surprise… Sock Monkey won the Ichabod Thalburg Award for the Cleanest Toy! He accepted the award and remembered to thank his three best friends who helped him get clean.


Do you have any toys in need of a bath? Why not have an awards show of your own? Make up invitations, prizes, and treats. Then collect all the nominees and give them a bath in warm soapy water. Rinse them thoroughly. And dry them on clean fluffy towels. When everyone is clean and ready, line them up and present the awards. Have fun making up some unique awards…

Most Cuddly Bedtime Award

Best Supporting Gift from Grandma Award

Largest Teddy in the House Award

This award necklace was made with a plastic bottle top and ribbon. b9cceaba1645928e2697b8940fa8aa82

These were just made with fancy craft paper. 15ed9de7aa71cb0497f5523fe8b4d4d6

Here’s a great award made with a paper plate base.


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