Something Extraordinary


Something Extraordinary written and illustrated by Ben Clanton (2015)

Sometimes wishes do come true. This little boy wishes that the things he draws could come to life. In his imagination his robots and unusual pets come to life. When he steps he makes funny sounds and rain comes in many different colors and flavors. He even grows a bushy tail and fangs. But when he closes his notebook, everything goes back to normal. Then he makes a wish for something real and something extraordinary, and THAT wish comes true!


I love this simple yet richly imaginative story! Little ones can find the humor in the boy’s wishes. They may even want to make some curious wishes of their own. What would you wish for? And when you’re done pretending, go out and find something extraordinary in your everyday world too!

Design your own dandelion and make a wish!  fork-dandelion-flower-craft aa598c9e2c585efeb64aeecacaa95868 8faec52855800f187014df20f3b6764e

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