S – Sonya’s Chickens


Sonya’s Chickens written and illustrated by Phoebe Wahl (2015)

Sonya’s father brings her three chicks. She took good care of them. She made sure they were warm and fed and safe. But one night, Sonya is awoken by the sounds in the henhouse. When she arrived only two chickens were perched in the rafters and  one was missing. As she cried, her father explained how the fox who must have taken her chicken was only surviving himself and feeding his kits. Just like she took care of her chickens, the fox was taking care of his kits. Soon, Sonya got another chicken when one brown egg hatched. She promised to take care of this chicken, to keep her fed and warm and safe.


Sweet little story about taking care of animals and dealing with death. Even city kids and suburban kids who have never see live chickens or had them as pets, would appreciate this story.

Enjoy a few chicken crafts… I’m purposely staying away from chicken recipes. Hahahaha!


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