Soon written by Timothy Knapman and illustrated by Patrick Benson (2015)

Raju and his mother set out on a walk early one morning. Along the way they come across a crocodile, a snake, and a tiger. Each time Raju’s mother warns him to be quiet, but the predator hears them anyway and Raju’s mother must ward them off with by stomping her feet, blowing from her trunk, or rearing herself up. And each time, Raju asks when they can go home. His mother responds, “Soon.”Finally they come to the crest of a mountain and Ruju’s mother shows him the beauty of his world. They stood very quiet and then returned home the way they had come. At the end of the day, Raju was tired but he asked when they could do it again. “Soon,” his mother replied.


Soon. Soon. Soon.

Sometimes it’s hard for a child to wait for something. But with experience, they learn that things happen in due time.

I love this mother child inspired art. You could do this with either parent, grandparent, or other significant adult in a child’s life.

3a89d5ff41e6d9b74d6deb09abba4ddaAnd for a little elephant stomping fun… bring out the bubble wrap!



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