Space Boy and His Dog


Space Boy and His Dog written by Dian Curtis Regan and illustrated by Robert Neubecker (2015)

Niko has his own spaceship that he built himself. He takes his dog, Tag and his co-pilot, Radar on missions into outer space and returns to Planet Home everyday for dinner. One day, Niko sees a poster for a missing cat. He takes Tag and Radar with him to the moon to search for the lost cat. But he doesn’t find the cat. What he does find is that his sister (who is not in this story) has stowed away in his spaceship and has found the missing cat using Tag’s dog biscuits. Niko is angry at his sister and leaves her on the moon. But when Tag, Radar, and the lost cat all ignore Niko on the ride home, he decides to turn around and pick up his sister. The problem is, his sister refuses to be rescued by Niko and ends up going home alone. Back on Planet Home, Niko and his sister return the missing cat to their neighbor and go home for dinner.



Anyone with a pesky sister will love this story of space adventure, missing pets, and imagination.

Have a little space imagination fun for yourselves with some of these ideas.

Start with a homemade rocketship.

If you don’t have access to large boxes, try sheets or blankets over a table. c1b48cc6fe0672a0c330848d10de40eb

Use flour and white paint to make a textured moon surface.

Make some marshmallow constellations.




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