Spring 4 Book Set

Sunshine Brightens SpringtimeRaindrops Fall All AroundHail to Spring, and A Windy Day in Spring all written by Charles Ghigna and illustrated by Laura Watson (2015)

Four perfect board books for the youngest readers, all about Spring weather. Bright pictures and easy rhyming text entertain and educate. Help little ones prepare for anything – sunshine, rain, hail, and wind.

Excerpts from each book:

“Sunshine melts away the snow. Sunshine helps the garden grow.”

“Raindrops drip on leaves and flowers. Car splash through the April showers.”

“Storms bring hail that falls like rain.. rapping, tapping on the pane.”

“Warm wind blows a butterfly. Warm wind lifts a kite up high.”


Help your child chart changes in the the weather. You can put stickers on a chart, color boxes on a graph, or just move one or more clothespins to a weather icon.

These can be tricky since there are usually more than one attribute present at a time. And the weather changes even throughout one day. Be flexible with your decisions.

During the season, you will surely be able to highlight all of the specific weather conditions at least once. (Even snow if you live in farther north.)

One simple charting graph is a two-part Lion and Lamb choice. Made easier by determining if you need a coat/jacket or not. f59a43c5475d6851f597cbdb178dcbde

Check out this website for fantastic weather related activities for preschoolers. PREKINDERS WEATHER THEME


Sing, Dance, Play, Experiment!

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