Stanley at School


Stanley at School written by Linda Bailey and illustrated by Bill Slavin (2015)

Stanley wanted to find out what the kids did in school every day. He watched them go in and he watched them come out. Then he talked to his friends at the dog park and the four of them decided to find out. So they pushed until they opened the front doors. The could smell the kids behind closed doors. They could also smell chalk, and socks, and hamster poop. Then they smelled salami! They found the room with coats and lunches and had a feast. They had a great time until a man with a broom chased them out. They ran through the room with bouncing balls, and the room with instruments, and the room with wet paint. Then they were trapped in the big dog’s office. But the big dog was actually the principal who cooed at them and patted their heads and opened the doors to let them out. Now, Stanley and his friends knew what kids did inside the school everyday… they ate and ran! Soon the word spread, and the next morning when the school doors opened, all the dogs in town were waiting to go inside!


Stanley and his friends sure had a great time gobbling up everybody’s lunches! Let’s take a minute to find a few lunch or after-school snacks your little ones will love to gobble up!

Thinly sliced apples spread with peanut butter and topped with mini chocolate chips.


Write your message using a toothpick on the banana peel. Within a few minutes the message will darken and be easy to read.


Make a special treat to give away. Glue chocolate kiss to the end of a Rolo’s tube. Cover with paper to look like a pencil.

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