Stay! A Top Dog Story


Stay! A Top Dog Story written and illustrated by Alex Latimer (2015)

Buster was such an out-of-control dog, that his family needed a vacation. Ben was worried about leaving Buster with Grandpa while they’re gone. So he starts writing notes to Grandpa about Buster. He wrote picture notes about Buster’s likes and dislikes, when Buster should have a bath, the best spots to scratch Buster, and lots more. Ben had a great time on vacation, but he kept remembering more things to tell Grandpa, so he wrote more notes: things Buster should never eat, why does Buster bark at night, where does Buster like to drink, where will Buster be if he gets lost, and most importantly the post office warning. But it was too late, Grandpa had already taken Buster to the post office. Now Grandpa was busy training Buster. And when Ben returned home, Grandpa had a note for him and many more on how to train Buster. The training worked so well that Buster was allowed to go on the next family vacation. And Buster was a well behaved dog… most of the time!


Does your puppy love dog biscuits like Buster does? Buster got dog bones when he was good. Grandpa gave him bones when he learned how to be a good dog. Here’s an easy recipe to make your own Homemade Dog Biscuits. Or you could make a little puppy cup to collect the bones your little one earns for small jobs done around the house.


If you don’t have a puppy, make one! Take a look at these cute little pups.

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