Steve, Raised by Wolves


Steve, Raised by Wolves written and illustrated by Jared Chapman (2015)

Steve had a hard time adjusting to school. He liked tearing down posters, marking his territory on the playground, and pouncing on other children. His teacher, Mrs. Meadows, sent Mrs. Wolf a note. Steve’s mom tried her best to encourage Steve to be himself while still finding ways to fit into the school community. Then one day, the class hamster was lost. Steve used his wolf abilities to nose down the hamster and save the day. That day, Mrs. Meadows sent Mrs. Wolf another note. Steve’s mom was so proud!


Even though you remind your kiddos that they weren’t in fact raised by wolves, they sometimes still act as if they were raised by wolves. Steve, shows us just how bad it can be… and just how good also. Like Steve’s mom, we need to encourage our kids to be themselves while fitting into society. It can be a wild adventure to be sure!



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