Stick and Stone

 22749702Stick and Stone written by Beth Ferry and illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld (2015)

Stick and Stone were lonely until they found each other. They overcame some problems like a bullying little pinecone and a hurricane which separated them. But they remained friends to the end. Even the little pinecone changed his ways.



What a lovely story about friendship. And kids will love the easy rhyme and rhythm.

You’ll love the book trailer.

The One World One Heart Beating blog has compiled some fabulous anti-bullying lessons for grades K-12 here.

The lesson entitled “Sticks and Stones” is geared for kids grades 1-8.sticks-and-stonesIt includes making a sticks and stones mobile which would be fun to make whether or not you do the whole anti-bullying lesson or not.
rock-mobile-craft-earth-photo-475-aformaro-541_476x357Or you could try your hand at one of these…

a stick crowndc3bd1e325092019a4ea04622c717826

a sticks and stones skeleton 98f0734f4dcedadc51ce8884a2f94202a stick wreath5ceb923a34fc9e0c2f302f6a56fa0f2f

and rememberdc393c86b80ce36c8760ec6fb31a0322

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