Stormy Night


Stormy Night written and illustrated by Salina Yoon (2015)

Bear wakes up one night and tries to comfort his bunny during a storm. He sings a lullaby and feels better until it thundered. Mama Bear comes to Bear’s room. She wants to stay in his room because she is scared. Then Papa Bear joins them because he is scared too. Bear helps Mama and Papa and Floppy too. And they helped him when the thunder boomed loudly overhead. Pretty soon it was quiet as the storm passed and the whole bear family slept soundly on Bear’s little bed.


Is your little bear afraid of the storms? Sometimes familiar routines like favorite lullabies, storybooks, and cuddly stuffed lovies can help. Sometimes Mama and Papa have to come to the rescue too. But soon enough the storm will pass and everyone will finally be able to sleep.

In the light of the day, stormy activities can be just right in preparing little bears for the next round of storms. These two are tactile and auditory fun activities!


Fingerpaint: A little black and a little white make gray clouds. Fun!

 Easy Rain Stick                                                 Rain Stick

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