S – Strictly No Elephants


A boy and his pet elephant don’t quite fit in anywhere. Then they meet a girl and her skunk who don’t fit in anywhere either. Together they start their own club where everyone is welcome.



Cute story about not fitting in and including those who are different. The deeper meanings of the story will not be lost on the youngest readers who will love the illustrations and the story.

It’s never too early to start having conversations about feelings and inclusion.


How do you organize your mountain of stuffed animals?the-zoo-basket-on-wall-stuffed-animals stuffedanimalstorage3 stuffed-animal-storage e83b6347714809782bb99181c5d1ce3a Door-storage d2277eb7660713c761a5836ba7dc36b1 149322543865158982_XdgppCAM_c 670px-Store-Stuffed-Animals-Step-2 91ZK-+wYGfL._SX522_




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