Sun Above and Blooms Below


Sun Above and Blooms Below written by Felicia Sanzari Chernesky and illustrated by Susan Swan (2015)

Miss Ava’s class is taking a field trip! They’re going in and out, through sun and rain, up and down hills, to the chicken farm. They see big and small chickens in the coop. There were many eggs, a few were cracking. Soon the whole eggs were broken and baby chicks had hatched. Some were sleeping and some were awake peeping. Then it was time to go back to school. Hello. Goodbye.


This is a fun, rhyming book using opposites. Play a verbal game with your little ones called Ready Set.

When I say a word, you say the opposite. Ready, set, go… stop! Ready, set, up… down!  Ready, set, hot… cold! Ready, set, hard… soft!

The kids in this story watch baby chicks hatch. Continue this theme at home.

Life Cycle of a Chicken

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