S – Sun and Moon


Sun and Moon written and illustrated by Lindsey Yankey (2015)

Moon wants to spend one day in the daylight so he could see what he imagined was better than nighttime. The sun agreed to trade places with him on two conditions, first that it last forever not just one day, and second that Moon take one more look at the world at nighttime. So Moon agreed and spent the next night very close to Earth so he could see what happened at night. He was so amazed at the wonderful things that happened at night, that he decided he did not want to trade places forever, or even for just one day.


What a sweet and lovely book that shows that differences are actually wonderful. Little one will enjoy looking at the world during the night as Moon takes a closer look at what happens at night time. What is your favorite nighttime activity?

Use a paper plate and smaller circles to demonstrate how the moon revolves around the earth and the earth revolves around the sun. 675132a6e9e0edd2c43049fb803f2e35

Act out the revolutions with giant size models.4effc35f44288eb27db59dd66aaf8b27

Draw on black paper to show your favorite nighttime activity.56a43d0326218bce2e546d089cf3ba7a

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