The Skunk


The Skunk written by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Patrick McDonnell (2015)

This is an unusual funny story about a man and a skunk. The man leaves his house in the morning and the skunk followed him. No matter where the man went or how tricky he was about getting away from the skunk, the skunk was always behind him. Finally, he ditches the skunk. He buys a new home and throws himself a party to celebrate. But in the middle of the celebration, the man starts to wonder about what happened to the skunk. He leaves the party and goes out in search of the skunk. When he finally finds the skunk, the man decides to follow him to make sure he doesn’t follow him anymore!


Ok, I gotta say, I like this story despite the naysayers. Yes, it’s quirky. Yes, it feels like it’s written for the adult audience. Yes, it plays well into philosophical discussions. But, it remains fun and lighthearted for the kids too. Read it and see what your children think. Is the skunk an unusual pet which might follow you home? Is the man avoiding something bad or stinky in his life? Why does the man search for the skunk once he has finally gotten rid of it?

If your kids like it, I predict you’ll be reading a lot more about the skunk than you might have ever imagined!

S is for Skunk39f205679bd368b561800b4753de2e43

And remember… Life would stink without you!

Skunk Cookies

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