S – The Snow Beast


The Snow Beast written and illustrated by Chris Judge (2015)

On the first snow day of the year Beast hurries down the mountain to the village to help build the snow festival. But this year, all of the tools to build the festival were missing. Beast goes out in search of the tools. He follows huge footsteps until the snow gets too deep. When he digs his way back out again, he finds a Snow Beast. The Snow Beast has taken all the tools because his mobil home had broken down. Beast offers to help him fix it. Surprisingly, the Snow Beast lives inside an iceberg. They fix the engine and return the tools to the villagers. At first they are afraid, but then when they realize it is too late to build the festival the Snow Beast invites them all back to his mobile home in the iceberg for the festival.


Silly and wintery, this story is sure to please the snow beast in all of us. Little ones will enjoy the similarities and differences between the Beast and the Snow Beast.

Time to get out some ice and do a few experiments.

Winter Science Experiments8ff0b1ffd81980876a91b8dbbf482170

Ice Experiments62c4774e6568f4e117a2403ca0c5b78d

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