T – A Tower of Giraffes


A Tower of Giraffes written and illustrated by Anna Wright (2015)

This beautiful picture book gives brief descriptions of different animal groups.The artwork is amazing. You need to open this book just to enjoy the yarn sheep, the magenta flamingos, and the feathered owls. Some of the groups are familiar to most people, but there are some new and interesting groups featured in the pages of this lovely book. Some of my favorites are a mischief of mice, a prickle of hedgehogs, and an ostentation of peacocks… perfect, right? I bet you can guess what a group of giraffes is called! Learn more about these and many others here.


You’ll want to take your time pouring over the illustrations and information on each page of this book. A trip to the zoo, nature reserve, or even more time on a televised animal show is certainly in order when you finish reading this book. Then of course, you’ll want to go back and enjoy the pages of the book one more time.

What art can you create for your favorite animal? I chose the title character, but you can choose any or all if you like! 88b85f60961326f6e1415d41891ed5a0 de4b4c2bf215eabb737a16d1cf24970b 8ce5aa3e51f639e095dfc99d7ba67cb8 f04dd9c5b3c0202e8346090ed564b88b

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