Ten Pigs: An Epic Bath Adventure


Ten Pigs: An Epic Bath Adventure written and illustrated by Derek Anderson (2015)

One pig settles in the tub with his rubber duck of a glorious bubble bath. Pig Two joins him with a beach ball. No! No! There’s no room for two pigs and a rubber duck and a beach ball. Then Pig Three dives in with his goggles. Pretty soon there are ten pigs in the tub. How is Pig One going to get everyone out of his tub so he can enjoy his bath in peace? (I won’t give away the ending but it does involve a big bad wolf.)


Ahhh, bathtime. So quiet. So peaceful. So…

Yikes! Baths mean different things to kids and adults. Why not join in the fun with your little one and make bath time counting loads of fun!

Counting polka dots is fun. 9f89dfa6565c6e5fb30edccfe9397117

Foam letters and numbers stick to the tub walls when wet. e8d2441094563899c9a3c79af2a4dd92

And when you’re done don’t forget to CLEAN those rubber ducks!how-to-clean-bath-toys-rubber-duck

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