T – Thank You and Good Night


Thank You and Good Night written and illustrated by Patrick McDonnell (2015)

After Maggie helped Clement into his pajamas, she had a little surprise for him… a pajama party! Clement’s friends Jean and Alan arrived in their pajamas too. They bounced on the bed, played hide-and-seek, had a snack, and wished on a shooting star. Before going to sleep, they listened to Maggie read them a bedtime story and recited all the things they were thankful for. Soon, everyone was tucked away and sleeping soundly.


Sweet bedtime story for three very special friends. I bet your little one would love to have a pajama party with their favorite stuffed animals too. At school, they may have a pajama day when they get to bring their blanket and friend for story hour. At home, they can invite all their friends to sleep in their bed… as long as there’s room for them too!  Have a great day!

And if you’re planning a real pajama party for your friends, you might want to check out a few of these treats.

Personalized Pillowcase Artbce4fe00e2c323ce89246a7f62a9c136

Let it dry while you watch a movie and play some games.

Movie Treats

Midnight Snack2f2d6bf230de3fdc0e0ba27d7ef56a5f Breakfast Choicesf2c2c3bfbd4d5d54a19c84277bd00fb5 Don’t forget the Thank You Goodie Bags1fe1716beda2b35745324ba70fa8147c

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