That’s (NOT) Mine

25122006That’s (Not) Mine written by Anna Kang and illustrated by Christopher Weyant (2015)

Two furry creatures fight over the same chair. Who sat in it first? Who is sitting in it now? The smaller creature entices the larger creature with a swivel chair and jumps into the big comfy chair as the bigger creature zooms off and crashes. The bigger creature tickles the smaller creature until he falls out of the big comfy chair. And on it goes… argue, fight, apologize. When the two creatures finally give up and go out to play a third furry creature relaxes in the the big comfy chair with a warm scarf and a good book.


Ah, the age old question: Who’s is it? Learning to share is a part of growing up. In our house the saying went, “On your feet, lose your seat.” Of course that meant that whoever had the coveted seat NEVER GOT UP! Oh well, there you have it.

How can we help little ones learn to share? Play a few games that are more fun with a friend!

Musical Chairs

Pass the Water

Balloon Tennis


Crab Races736fd3317885ae05d8e6bb6886ecb272

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