The Sky is Falling!


The Sky is Falling! written and illustrated by Mark Teague (2015)

A new and unusual twist on the familiar Chicken Little story. Chicken Little gets bonked in the head with an acorn and begins dancing around the barnyard crying ‘the sky is falling’. All the chickens join in dancing because the sky is falling. Squirrel, Rabbit, and Cat try to explain it to these birdbrains that the sky is not indeed falling, but ended up joining in the fun. Pretty soon the whole farm forms a conga line. And when Fox tries to lure the dancing chickens to his den, Chicken Little convinces him to dance instead. Wouldn’t you know it, when Fox starts dancing an apple falls on his head and knocks him out cold. I guess this put a damper on the party because everyone stops dancing and goes back to what they were doing to begin with and Cat, Squirrel, and Rabbit drag Fox back to his den.


Sometimes you just need to break out in a dance for no good reason! Turn up the music and dance, dance, dance!

This would be a good story to retell using farm animals, pictures, masks, or finger puppets. Just be careful don’t worry about getting the story straight… no one seems to care anyway!

Add a little Chicken Music to accompany the dancing!

fa6680eeed022ec2e8e8781a207f7bb9Decorate a red cup with eyes and a beak. Tie a piece of string to a paper clip. Poke a hole in the bottom of the cup and slide the string through. (The paper clip will keep the string from coming completely through the hole.) Use a wet sponge to slid up and down the string making the chicken sounds.

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