T – The Tea Party in the Woods


The Tea Party in the Woods written and illustrated by Akiko Miyakoshi (2015)

One snowy day Kikko sets out alone through the woods to deliver a pie that Father had forgotten to take to Grandma’s house. After she had gone a short distance she spotted a coat and hat ahead of her. She followed the figure deeper into the woods, but when she caught up with him she realized that it was not her father, but a bear that she had been following. A young rabbit approached and asked if she was there for the tea party. She led Kikko into the house where all the forest animals welcomed her. She had tea with the animals who were very kind. And when they saw that her pie had been crushed when she fell in the woods, the animals hurriedly put together a new pie for Grandmother with different slices of their own pies. Together they all paraded through the woods to Grandma’s house to deliver the new pie.


Kikko learned that you are never alone when you are with friends. I can just imagine a huge tea party with all your stuffed animal friends. Don’t forget to serve the pie!

Try one of these yummy ‘forest friend’ approved pie recipes.

Dutch Apple Pie Dutch-Apple-Pie-Recipes

Pecan Pie favorite-pecan-pie-recipe-2

Cherry Pief4cf2469a15ad22d62557cc1c5fbbcf5

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